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Mac Speech To text At Mac Dictator LLC we focus on Apple specific computer hardware and applications to maximize your OSX speech recognition and dictation needs. Voice navigation is the future of computer voice control software on the Macintosh, and we're getting closer every day. Your Mac keyboard's days may be numbered.

Mac Voice Recognition Headsets

Speech Recognition Headset For Mac A wide range of Apple compatible speech recognition and dictation headsets with microphone are available for your OSX voice recognition, Siri and online chat sessions: USB wired and wireless, over the ear, in-ear, or behind the head styles are available for maximum comfort. Stereo, Binaural, and single ear-cup Monaural headsets with mic are available as well.

Dragon Bluetooth Speech Headset

Optimized For Voice Recognition

  • USB Wired Headset
  • RF Wireless Headset
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Analog Headset
Visit our recommended Mac compatible headset page for some of our top recommendations in each category. Depending on your preferences you might prefer wireless over wired, single-ear mono over dual stereo, or in-ear earbud styles.

Apple Dictation Microphones

Speech Recognition Microphone For Mac An alternative to an Apple compatible headset with mic is a boom-mounted or standalone desktop microphone for Mac dictation sessions. They're also great for other MacOS audio capture needs and can deliver a vast improvement in speech recognition accuracy over the tiny internal microphones built-into some (but not all) models of Macintosh desktop and laptop computers.

  • USB Desktop Microphones
  • Microphones For MacBooks
  • Studio Grade Microphones
  • Lapel & Lavalier Mics
Visit our Mac compatible microphone page for some of our top USB mic recommendations.

Speech Recognition Software For Mac OSX

Dictation Software For Mac OSX On our Mac compatible voice recognition and dictation software page we look at some of the current and historical speech applications for Mac OS.

The evolution of speech to text, text to speech and Mac computer vocal command and control has a long growth trajectory. Apple's inclusion of Dictation Services starting with OSX Mountain Lion has steadily improved. Uupdates to OSX Mavericks, Yosemite, ElCapitan. MacOS Sierra, Mojave and Catalina incorporate Siri support. And, Apple continues to advance it's recognition accuracy and adds additional voice commands for editing, punctuation and formatting.

The Growing Adoption Of Speech-Driven Computing

Voice Recognition On The Mac Adoption and demand is only increasing as voice responsive software becomes integrated not only into MacBook laptops and Macintosh desktops via MacOS - but with Siri on handheld Apple IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad as well. What was once a novelty or a narrow niche application for handicapped accessibility is now entering the mainstream for everyday writing, computer navigation, or information gathering tasks. Apple's new Siri-based HomePod smart-speaker will take voice recognition to new levels of home automation, information access and music playback control.

Improved Vocal Recognition

Several technical factors have also driven the expansion of speech-based computing. Far faster microprocessors can handle the digitization and analysis of the spoken audio waveform quite rapidly. Far more sophisticated spell-check and grammar algos are deciphering meaning and intent of phrases to put spoken words in proper context and in real-time as they appear onscreen. Auto-correct functions can interpret and fix spoken content dynamically and on the fly to deliver highly readable speech to text results that were undreamed of just a handful of years ago.

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